Thursday, February 14, 2013


That's how Zen Master pronounces LOVE.

Lah you, Mama. Lah you, Daddy.

It's one of both Biggest Fan and I's most favourite things in the world. I know this because we both say it, write it, text it and email it to each other and we can't help but selfishly fish it out of Zen Master sometimes. How can we NOT smile when he says it? It warms my heart so and I want to cherish it until he learns the proper pronunciation.

The boys and I spent the last few days visiting family and friends out of town and so Biggest Fan was happy to have us back all snug in bed this morning.  He told Zen Master he missed him to which he replied, Lah you, Daddy as he snuggled in close.

These are precious moments I like to soak up in the moment and never want to forget. As a good friend once told me at a time that I needed a reminder the most - look at what your love has created. It's amazing and perfect isn't it?

So today on Love Day we are celebrating this special thing our little family shares called Lah.

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