Friday, February 8, 2013


There are very few things during the day that I find myself fully engrossed in. So many of my daily tasks are clouded with thoughts of what was or what will be.

While Zen Master and Little Buddha were quietly playing with their toys this morning I took the opportunity to sneak away to the kitchen to do the dishes. I put some music on to help me power through this task and my genre of choice was a mixture of dance hits.

Soon enough, Zen Master peeked around the corner. Mama, can we have a dance party?

I made the choice not to brush his request off because I was busy or didn't have the energy. I made the choice to say yes, of course we can.

Dancing is something that I can fully engage in with my children. Without even thinking about it, I can fully appreciate and tune in to my senses and just BE in the moment.

I can see the smiles on their faces and watch Zen Master explore his movements. His creativity and confidence when he is with me makes me so proud. Watch this move, Mama!

Sounds of the gasps, laughter and squeals of excitement from both boys as I spin them around in circles fill the room.

Intoxicating is the smell of Little Buddha's breath while I hold him close in my arms and he turns side to side, always keeping an excited eye on his older brother.

And I can feel. Chubby little fingers gripping tightly on to my arm. The breeze as Zen Master spins by. My hair sweep across my face as I swing around. My body; warm, happy, full of love.


  1. That sounds pretty great :)

  2. It occurs to me that I am currently experiencing a severe dance party deficiency. I must remedy that.