Wednesday, February 6, 2013


I haven't actively written for months. In the last year I have welcomed many new changes and so I've been toiling over what I wanted to do with my old writing space. Before this decision to start something new, I referred to my lack of writing to a really messy house. You know when your house gets to a point where you just feel so damn overwhelmed with where to start? I felt like that every day that I didn't write. Every new day didn't make sense unless I went back in time and filled in the gaps and there were just too many gaps. There were also some big family decisions that were made and I wasn't comfortable sharing them. But in not sharing them, everything else just seemed so damn trivial and beat-around-the-bush-like. I could have just written what I want to write here and there were many times that I drafted posts and tried but it just didn't feel right. I think it's the fact that I feel like my old writing doesn't sound like me anymore. I found my feet almost four years ago in my motherhood journey but somewhere along that journey I lost them and found them again and now these blessed feet have grown.

So ya.

New writing space. New beginnings. New focus. New journey.

Welcome, change.

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